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Remember the 80's Coca Cola
Spinners Craze!

In 1989 the UK was gripped by Yo-Yo Fever and everywhere you looked, there they were. You couldn't open a newspaper or switch on a television with seeing Yo-Yos. Everyone knew about Yo-Yos, they were those plastic discs on a string that went up and down, right? Wrong!

A little History of Yo-Yo's

Since the days of the depression in the USA, when the Yo-Yo craze swept America and kids all over the country entered contests and won bicycles and footballs, the Yo-Yo had been transformed into a precision instrument that can perform literally hundreds of tricks, both easy and very complicated.

Here in the UK, the Yo-Yo craze was part of a Coca-Cola advertising campaign, which had been run for over 40 years in just about every country worldwide, some several times. As a result of the Yo-Yo craze in the UK, Coca-Cola, at the time part of Cadbury/Schweppes, increased their sales and literally put their brand in the hands of their target Youth Market. Over 4 million Coca-Cola trademarked Yo-Yos were sold in a 10 week campaign.


Yo-Yo contests were held all over the UK and the final contest held at Alton Towers, presented by the late Jeremy Beadle. Here is the story of the 1989 Yo-Yo campaign in the UK.